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Shannon Connor Castle Shannon Connor Castle with Glass Duo Glide

About Shannon

From her beginnings as a commission artist, specializing in custom glass carving and design, and large scale architectural glass installations, Shannon Castle has evolved into a multi-faceted artistic visionary with a body of work that is breathtakingly beautiful and diverse.

With her experience working in the physically challenging and technically exacting world of carving cold glass, Castle is fearlessly innovative, never backing down from experimenting with new forms of artwork and new techniques that might intimidate anyone else. This fearlessness has given birth to some of the most unique and appealing creations in the world of art, including her show-stopping 2,000-pound glass Harley Davidson, which she made mostly just to prove she could!

Shannon Castle has four children, Jessica, Nick, Nathan, and Gareth, and lives near the northern shores of Lake Washington in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Geoffrey Castle.

Carved Glass

The artist takes a panel of cold glass, usually 3/4″ thick, and literally carves into the glass using high pressure sand-blasting equipment. All those little details are meticulously cut into the glass using a technique called stage blasting where vinyl resist is cut away with an Xacto knife to reveal the glass beneath, which is then carved to the depth desired by the artist. Everything is done by hand.


The artist lays the finished and cleaned glass carving on the floor and then covers it with very thin canvas. Using graphite, pastels, and other materials, the artist rubs the surface of the canvas and a hand print emerges from the artwork below. This initial rubbing is then laboriously embellished in great detail using a variety of different materials to achieve the desired effect.